In order to have installation carried out, the following preliminary conditions must be verified:

  • The substrates/screeds/stairs where the Terrazzo Tiles will be laid must be clean, dry and seasoned and not contaminated with dust, grease, wax or paint.
  • The Terrazzo tiles is to be installed must be clean and dry
  • If the temperature difference between the installation site and the place where the agglomerated marble products are stored, it is advisable to move the agglomerated marble products to the installation site at least one day before installation so as to be able to reduce the difference in ambient temperature and avoid any thermal shock.



We recommend laying Terrazzo tiles with quick-setting and hydrating deformable/elastic glues (e.g. ELASTORAPID MAPEI).
It is also advisable to install the floors with the double spreading technique.
The recommended minimum joints are 3 mm for floors up to a size of 60x60 cm and 5 mm for floors larger than 60x60 cm.
In order to facilitate drying and avoid stagnant humidity, it is advisable to grout the floors at least 3-4 days after laying the floor with specific products for elastic joints.
In any case, it is advisable to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the various products used.



It is advisable to carefully check that the treads and risers that are installed are clean and dry and that they do not show any evident humidity before being installed.
It is advisable to use deformable/elastic fast-setting and hydrating glues (for example ELASTORAPID MAPEI) applied with the double-buttering technique on the entire surface of the product and not in dots in order to avoid tensions of different types.
It is also advisable to provide the following expansion joints in order to guarantee the possibility of expansion and movement:

  • 10 mm from side walls
  • Minimum 2 mm between tread and riser

All the various grouting must be carried out with specific products of an elastic type.

In any case, it is advisable to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the various products used.



It is important to protect the agglomerated marble materials after installation in order to avoid damage.
After laying, it is advisable to avoid that the floors and stairs are sheltered from any air currents which could cause the product and the glue to dry unevenly and create different types of tension within them.
It is also advisable to cover the floors and/or stairs in order to facilitate slower but more uniform drying. Any uneven drying of marble agglomerate coatings can in fact cause tensioning which can then lead to