Below you can see responses for our most frequently asked questions.


How much is shipping and can you ship to my flat? 

Shipping is  €195 ex VAT for all orders in Europe. We deliver to the nearest pavement of your building. delivery to upper floor flats must be organised by the buyer. 

Can you ship outside of Europe?

We only ship to mainland Europe. Islands within Europe are not possible for delivery. e.g Malta. 

Can I order samples? 

We stopped our sample service to help reduce emissions. We can provide 3d scans and photos of samples in natural light to help you pick your favourite material. 

How do I look after my Terrazzo counter top / table? 

Care for Terrazzo is almost the same as for stone counter tops. They require sealing and cleaning with specific products designed for stone. These are available is stores throughout Europe. We can make all these recommendations when you purchase from us. 

How heat resistant is Terrazzo?  

Terrazzo is not heat proof but it is resistant to heat and is a good choice for kitchen worktops, islands and backsplashes. While you could leave warm cups on the surface, you should avoid leaving hot pans and casserole dishes on your worktop. To be safe and to best maintain your worktop, we always recommend using coasters, a heat mat, pad, trivet or other protector to help ensure that your marble worktop stays in good condition. 

How much does Terrazzo floor cost? 

The standard price for all our Terrazzo is €95 ex VAT per square meter. You can calculate the final price by multiplying this by the required square meter, adding the VAT rate for your country and adding €195 delivery. Sometime we have sales and discounts. 


e.g  10 Square meter delivery to Germany. Vat rate 19%. 

10sm x €95 = €950 

€950 + 19% = €1130.50

€1130.50 + €195 = €1325.50 inc VAT + delivery.